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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - June 2012

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Last Updated: 20th July 2012

The fishing hasn’t changed a bit and most of the fish are still milling around in the shallows. Other anglers are having a few from different swims, but they are all spawned out and really low in weight.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t planning a session on that particular water as my mate Alain and I had a week in swim 11 on Rainbow Lake. Our hopes of catching a whacker were sky high, but in reality it was just one of those sessions where it just wasn’t to be.

We were well prepared, knew quite a few good spots, but our swim was just devoid of carp. By the end of the week we managed five carp with Alain landing the biggest at almost 44lb. It wasn’t exactly what we went for, but a fantastic time was spent at the lakeside regardless.

Swim 11 is an incredibly nice swim to be fishing and I hope to fish it again in the future. After a safe journey home I’m already thinking about Rainbow 2013, where we have a week in swim 16 in May.  Better luck then, I hope, but hey, that’s fishing!