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Dutch Canals, A Carp Angler's Dream

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Last Updated: 9th August 2012

The past few months have been very busy, with many of my favourite, Dutch venues being packed with anglers. To avoid the crowds I opted for a change of scenery and decided to target the beautiful canals that run through Holland.

The difficulty on the canals is not in hooking the fish, but landing them. With a push bike in the back of my van I actually drove hundreds of miles searching for interesting spots and eventually found two beautiful spots where there were no other anglers in sight.

I started prebaiting with rock-hard The Secret boilies and tiger-nuts, due to the huge amount of roach that can be found in these canals that’ll make lights work of soft baits.

The first few nights weren\\\'t a success and with a lot of boats passing through during weekend and no carp in the area the rods remained motionless.

Now aware of the weekend traffic I planned a two-night, mid week session and that’s when my luck changed. With no boats passing through the area I caught five beautiful carp.