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Summer Breeze Big 'Uns

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Last Updated: 7th August 2012

Lately we’ve been living through a couple of weeks of what you would call “not a typical summer weather”. Loads of rain and gale force winds surely haven’t made it feel like summer. I guess that the carp must have noticed that things were very autumn like too, as they abandoned their passive behavior and got their heads down for a good munch.

Sheltered in my Titan bivvy I was enjoying these ideal conditions for a superb three-night session. During which time I had nine takes and landed all nine carp. Better still, the average size was just amazing.

Apart from the biggest, being a 53lb mirror, carp of 43lb, 40lb, 35lb and 34lb graced my Bow-Loc landing net too, all of which were mirrors.

I was using the trusted values and my favorite bait and set up, consisting of Club Mix boilies with Squid & Octopus, Contour Unleaded leaders and Easy Strip hook links fished combi style.

Now that the temperature is rising and the fish have returned to their normal behavior, all action has dried up on this particular big, deep pit. I suppose it’s a case of waiting for the next change of weather and then I’ll give it another go.

Until then, tight lines!

Geert Ooms